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Outpatient Cognitive Assessment Clinics

The Neurocognitive Clinic

The Neurocognitive Clinic is a specialised service that provides assessment, diagnosis, support, and follow-up support for adults experiencing cognitive symptoms potentially arising from potential neurological and physical disorders. These symptoms may include memory lapses, confusion, or difficulty with cognitive skills, as well as changes in behaviour and personality. Because these symptoms can have a variety of root causes, it is important to perform a comprehensive assessment to rule out treatable factors so that the patient can receive the help they need.

Assessments are led by a consultant psychiatrist and conducted on-site here at Bloomfield. The team at our cognitive assessment clinics includes a neuropsychologist, clinical nurse manager, occupational therapist, and social worker. Each assessment is tailored to the individual, and at the end of the assessment period support is provided to them and their caregivers or family members. Comprehensive feedback, including a formal report to the person’s referrer, GP, or medical consultant, will be provided after the conclusion of the assessment.

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Huntington’s Disease Assessment Clinic

The Huntington’s Disease Clinic is a specialised outpatient service that provides assessment, diagnosis, support, and follow-up treatment for those referred to us in relation to Huntington’s disease.

Our goal is to provide an efficient diagnosis and plan of action to individuals impacted by Huntington’s disease in order to minimise the discomfort of patients and improve their quality of life.

Getting help

Referrals to our assessment clinics are made by your medical consultant or family GP. You can contact us by phone on 01 495 0021 for further information.