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Alzheimer Café

The Alzheimer Café is a regular evening event where people with dementia, along with their family, friends, and health and social care professionals, can come together to relax, share information, and support one another.

The Alzheimer Café is a partnership between Age Action, The Alzheimer Society of Ireland, Bloomfield Health Services, the HSE, and Trinity College Dublin. The evenings are free to attend and anyone affected by Alzheimer’s disease or dementia is welcome. Events are paused due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but we will update this page with further information when they resume.

South County Dublin Alzheimer Café has historically enjoyed a positive and constructive working relationship with Bloomfield. Since early 2020 and  due to HSE Covid guidelines  and the potential  vulnerability of the Bloomfield, Bloomfield was sadly not available to outside group including South County Dublin Alzheimer Café.

Thankfully as an interim measure South County Dublin Alzheimer Café has secured a new venue in Balally Parish Pastoral Centre which is ideal for their needs.