A registered charity (CHY 4070) providing mental health services for over 200 years.

Leave a Gift in Your Will

One of the most important decisions you will ever make is choosing whom to include in your Will. In addition to providing for your loved ones, you can make a lasting change and help shape our future services, by including Bloomfield Health Services. Even a small gift in your will can make a difference to the treatment of our patients. If you have decided to leave a legacy gift to us, or if you would simply like to discuss your options, we would be delighted to hear from you.

There are a number of options that you might consider:

  • A Pecunary Gift
    This is a gift of a specific sum of money that will go to Bloomfield Health Services. The gift can be a defined figure that does not change with time or you may instruct to take account of the impact of inflation.
  • A Non-Monetary Gift
    This might be the gift of an asset (e.g. property, shares, works of art, copyright revenues or any other valuable item). Wills that include such legacies need to be reviewed each time you sell any of the assets listed in your Will.
  • A Residuary Gift
    This type of legacy means that you wish to give a percentage or all of the remainder of your estate to Bloomfield Health Services – perhaps after making specific bequests to others.
  • A Reversionary Legacy
    This is a gift (a sum of money, an asset or a proportion of the estate) that you wish to leave to Bloomfield, but a named person may first have the use of this asset during his or her lifetime. On their death, the asset transfers to Bloomfield as the “reversionary beneficiary”.

As a registered charity, your legacy to Bloomfield Health Services will be exempt from inheritance tax.

For more information and to discuss in more detail, please email comms@bloomfield.ie.