A registered charity (CHY 4070) providing mental health services for over 200 years.

Current Funding Needs

Outreach & Support Service (€100,000 p.a. required)

In order to speed up the assessment times that patients suspected of having conditions such as Huntington’s Disease or Early Onset Dementia currently face, in addition to reducing the costly and potentially distressing transport of patients, and improve on the national procedure for diagnoses, we propose to create an Outreach & Support Service at Bloomfield.

As a key component of this service, we will recruit a mobile Clinical Nursing Specialist (CNS) to visit individuals in their own districts, assess their mental health and make recommendations based on that assessment. This Clinical Nursing Specialist position will be the first of its kind in Ireland.

Peer Support Programme (€50,000 p.a. required)

In response to the positive feedback that we received from pilot HD Café events and the on-going Alzheimer Cafés organised fortnightly in Bloomfield by the Alzheimer Society of Ireland, we propose to introduce a Peer Support Programme. As part of this programme, each month at Bloomfield, we will provide a programme of activity – e.g. cooking, pottery, art, music therapy etc. – in addition to the important educational programme – which will enable patients, families and carers to meet, talk, share experiences and support each other.

National Register for Early Onset Dementia and Huntington’s Disease (€25,000 p.a. required)

We propose to create a secure and encrypted National Register for Early Onset Dementia and HD at Bloomfield to accurately quantify and classify the extent of these mental health conditions in Ireland.
This epidemiological data relating to these conditions will enable better planning nationally and, as a result, better provision for current and future care requirements. At present, this level of classification does not take place in Ireland and the absence of this information also limits Ireland’s participation in international research programmes, our access to international funding and, ultimately, our ability to explore cures and treatments for the diseases.

Wellness Initiative for Individuals with Huntington’s Disease (€50,000 p.a. required)

We propose to establish a Wellness Initiative for Individuals with HD to offer counselling and education services to individuals who are positively diagnosed.

The co-ordinator of the Initiative will help those diagnosed to manage stress and depression, ensure that they are proactively seeking services, and advise on day-to-day challenges including those that may occur in the workplace or regarding accommodation.

Bloomfield Renovation & Activities Programme (€80,000 p.a. required)

Tackling current refurbishment and equipment needs in Bloomfield Hospital and New Lodge Nursing Home would have an immediate and positive impact on patients and residents. These include:

  • Specialised seating, beds and weighted blankets for patients with Huntington’s Disease;
  • Redesigned bathing areas and hoists for patients;
  • Improved signage and colour-coding of corridors to help residents with dementia, relieving stress and anxiety;
  • Additional staff, equipment and transport to facilitate and increase our Activities Programme for residents – improving mood and well-being of residents.