A registered charity (CHY 4070) providing mental health services for over 200 years.

Corporate Support

Bloomfield is a trusted brand with a record of serving its community for over 200 years. If you are a business considering to support our work, we would love to hear from you. Whether your objectives are in CSR, staff engagement, team building, commercial opportunities, events, or none or all of the above, we will work with you to tailor a programme to meet your company’s charitable goals.

Perhaps you might consider some of the following options:

  • Become our Official Company Partner
    By making Bloomfield your Official Charity Partner, your business will demonstrate that you believe that those who suffer from mental disorders and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s should not be forgotten but should be cared for and given as rich a life as is possible. Partnering with Bloomfield means that you support the desire to enhance the lives of sufferers and give hope for the future.
  • Make a Donation
    Your donation to Bloomfield will have an immediate impact on our services and is tax-deductible. We will work with you to maximise PR opportunities and media coverage, supported by a social media programme.
  • Sponsor an Event
    We are currently putting together our event list for the next year. Whether you are seeking to sponsor an event, or create a great day out for staff and clients, we would be delighted to hear from you. There are a range of sponsorship opportunities to suit all levels of engagement.
  • Engage your staff through Payroll Giving, Matched funds and/or our Friends programme
    Payroll Giving enables your staff to support our work in an easy and effective way by making payments through payroll deductions. Perhaps you might consider matching their personal donations, multiplying their gifts and demonstrating, not only your support for our work, but also your support for your staff’s interests. In addition, your company might consider incentives to encourage staff to become Friends of Bloomfield, nurturing a partnership into the future.
  • Become a Seed Sponsor
    We are seeking a single sponsor, or team of sponsors, who are willing to fund a number of seed projects that may change how mental healthcare treatment is conducted in Ireland – particularly in relation to Huntington’s. With that support, we believe we can prove that these new procedures work – enabling us in turn to leverage future support from the Department of Health.The current Catch 22 scenario is that, while the Department of Health provides funding for many of our current mental healthcare services, they will not fund new procedures without evidence of those procedures’ efficacy, but we cannot document this evidence without the procedure being funded.

    This is where our Seed Sponsors come in. By helping to fund our new initiatives, our Seed Sponsors enable us to trial new procedures, measure their outcomes and document their results, and then enable us to apply for public funding in follow-up years.

For information on the available tax relief for gifts made to Bloomfield Health Services, see Tax-Efficient Giving »

Please comms@bloomfield.ie if you have any further questions.