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SRU team’s Covid-19 research

We have exciting news! Our Specialist Rehabilitation Unit (SRU) team has had its first piece of research published in a peer-reviewed medical journal.

The piece of research, published in the Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine, details the response of our team to Covid-19 and the associated restrictions. Social distancing measures, along with the closure of colleges and supports in the community, meant that the team had to review its therapy programme and replace external activities with internal ones. Groups were set up offering social skills training, gardening, group psychotherapy, art, and music. Daily Tai Chi groups were established,  promoting relaxation and exercise through this Chinese form of meditative movement.

As part of its review, the SRU team reflected on the nature of the service it offers and the development of a therapeutic community within the unit. Restrictions and isolation measures offered unique opportunities for both the team and our residents to reflect on the meaning of therapy and rehabilitation. Without the noise of external distractions, self-reflection was possible and proved to be deeply therapeutic for many. Relationships between residents have improved, and a greater feeling of community has been fostered within the SRU.

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