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Rehabilitation Symposium at Bloomfield

On the 1st February 2019, Bloomfield hosted a Rehabilitation Symposium“Contemporary Rehabilitation Mental Health Services”, followed by a research session “Key Performance Indicators in Rehabilitation Mental Health Services”.

The address was given by Professor Helen Killapsy from the Division of Psychiatry of the Faculty of Brain Sciences of University College, London.

The Symposium was well attended by mental healthcare professionals from throughout Leinster, and the Symposium was credited by the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland.

Professor Killaspy has played a key role in shaping mental health rehabilitation services in the UK and abroad, through her research proving the effectiveness of specialist services for people with complex mental health needs. She is Chairperson of the AIMS Rehabilitation Advisory Group and is the National Professional Advisor to the Care Quality Commission for Mental Health Rehabilitation Services.

Shown in the photos are (top photo – Left to Right) Dr Ena Lavelle (Consultant Psychiatrist, Bloomfield health Services), Prof Helen Killaspy (University College, London) and Dr Jennifer Hoblyn (Clinical Director, Bloomfield Health Services), and (bottom photo) Prof Killaspy delivering her address.

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