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Bloomfield Health Services

New Bloomfield Gardening Project

How’s It Growing?

This is a new project our occupational therapists have developed to give our residents a fun, safe, and meaningful activity. Ireland has come a long way when it comes to Covid-19, but it’s still important to keep a safe distance from others. This project will give our residents the space to spend time safely together.

Plant pots hanging from a recycled wooden garden pallet

Improving Mental Health

Gardening and spending time in nature both have proven mental health benefits. In addition to providing physical benefits, gardening can lower stress levels, give you a sense of purpose, and is related to better brain function as well as improved concentration and memory.

Making Connections

With the Covid-19 situation limiting social activities, everyone is having to make changes. As a result, people already living with health restrictions are seeing their social lives, essential for wellbeing, curtailed. Our residents have severe and enduring mental health needs, and we have to help them stay connected. Time spent gardening together outside allows our residents to bond over shared interests and make new friends safely. Safety is hugely important to us, so we’re doing everything we can to make maintaining social distancing easy.

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