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International Women’s Day Celebration

International Women’s Day occurs globally on the 8th March every year in honour of the amazing women who campaigned for women’s rights and those who continue to do so today.

Bloomfield Hospital was delighted to celebrate International Women’s Day on  8 March 2023 to honour and appreciate the different achievements that women have accomplished around the world, including successes in society, economy, politics and culture.

It’s also a time to remember those who continue to go unheard and are prevented from reaching their full potential, as basic rights like health and education are still not recognised for some women around the world.

Our Head of HR Fiona with the HR Team and assisted by Aoife Head of Quality Risk and Compliance, our Catering Team from Neylon’s the Recharge (Wellbeing) Committee organised Afternoon Tea to celebrate all of the women who work in Bloomfield Hospital.



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