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Covid-19 donation wishlist

As we move through the impacts of Covid-19 and the restrictions that the pandemic continues to place on our residents and staff, our activity coordinators and occupational therapists have put together a wish list of items that would help further improve the lives of the people in our care. We are seeking donations of the items themselves, or sponsorship of individual items. If you can help, we’d love to hear from you!

Telecommunications hub

An 85” smart screen would be used to facilitate virtual consultations between our clinics and our residents’ family members, eliminating the need for some in-person visits that can increase the risk of viral transmission.

Garden walkway

The use of fall protection tiles to create a path circling our flowerbeds would ensure safer outdoor recreation time for our residents.

Residents’ computer hub

A fully-equipped computer hub including PC, printer, toner, scanner, USB device, dongle, etc., will make it easier for our residents to retain as much of their autonomy as possible when communicating with their loved ones.

Sensory items

Sensory equipment such a weighted parachute, aromatherapy diffusers, light systems, weighted blankets, etc. Multi-sensory environments have cognitive benefits such as increased concentration and focus, heightened awareness, improved coordination and motor skills, and increased brain function. They lead participants to explore their environments and provide security.

Specialised seating

Additional comfort chairs, tilt-in-space wheelchairs, and bariatric chairs will help us cater to the needs of a wide variety of residents.

High-end wifi system

A better WiFi system, such as the Netgear Orbi Whole Home Tri-Band Mesh WiFi System, proving our connectivity will give residents greater autonomy when it comes to communicating with their friends and family, as well as allowing them to take part in things like distance learning.

Garden improvements & equipment

We are making aesthetic improvements to our gardens and need a variety of equipment from tools to stackable pots! We also need repairs made to our glass greenhouse.


Did you see the Walk This Way challenge our residents took part in across the month of July? Pedometers can help our residents track their daily exercise and take part in future challenges.

Soccer equipment

We are looking for a variety of soccer equipment including a FORZA football free kick mannequin, a foldable soccer training rebounder net, a Nike Essential ball pump, and practice belt kick trainers.

Golfing equipment

For our golfing enthusiasts, we are seeking second-hand clubs for pitch & putt, as well as equipment for a home driving range.

Vehicle service & repair

Our trusty eight-seater needs some love! We are hoping for someone to sponsor its service and repair.

Volunteer bus driver

We are looking for a volunteer with the appropriate licence and training to help get our residents out and about.

Landscaping services

We are looking for landscapers to help us get our grounds ready for spring.

iPads with 4G connectivity

We are looking for a volunteer with the appropriate licence and training to help get our residents out and about.

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