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ASI report examines caring and coping with dementia during Covid-19

New research produced by The Alzheimer Society of Ireland, ‘Caring and Coping with Dementia During Covid-19’, has highlighted the effects of Covid-19-related restrictions on people with dementia, and the subsequent impact on those who care for them. This is the second piece of research produced by the ASI on this issue, with the first finding a rise in reports of stress, burnout, and anxiety in carers as a result of dementia-specific services and supports being withdrawn due to restrictions.


This new piece of research focuses on the aftermath of cocooning and other restrictions that have disproportionately impacted vulnerable communities, such as those with dementia. The research found that 58% of people with dementia reported feeling lonely, isolated, trapped, and confined, with 86% of carers concerned about a decline in their loved one. Family carers who have been dealing with their own grief and loss related to the pandemic have reported feeling unable to reach out to family members for support, with 77% agreeing that their caring workload has increased since the advent of the coronavirus.

You can read the full report here. If you’re a carer with concerns about your own health during this strange and trying time, we have some practical advice that might help.

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