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Bloomfield is a not for profit registered company (No. 412474) and a registered charity (No. CHY4070). Many new programmes or developments within both Bloomfield Hospital and New Lodge Nursing Home are achieved through the generosity of individuals and groups, through donations and bequests.

The Friends of Bloomfield was established to provide financial assistance to Bloomfield in order to directly enhance the range of services available to residents and to support education and research. Many of our new programmes are achieved through the generosity of individuals and groups through donations and bequests. We welcome any support you may feel able to provide.

Most donations qualify for tax relief, which means your donation is worth more to Bloomfield than it actually costs you. Some people choose to remember the Friends of Bloomfield in their wills which, as legacies to a charity, are also exempt from taxation.

If you would like to support the Friends of Bloomfield, please contact the office at 01 495 0021, or by email at for further details, or complete the attached Friends of Bloomfield Standing Order (by clicking on this link) which is a convenient way to support the Friends of Bloomfield however large or small the regular amount may be.

For further information about tax relief on charity donations visit: