Bloomfield Hospital has a complete range of in-patient services available for adult patients who are living with any stage of Huntington’s Disease (HD). We offer individualised assessment and treatments for all stages of the disease. We are strategically placed to provide a range of services and care which will support the person's independence and address any behaviours of concern that can be associated with huntington's, including risk to themselves. We accept referrals nationally and from Northern Ireland.

We will support local services with patients who:   

- Display significant levels of behavioural and psychological changes

- Who would benefit from family centred interventions   

- Have significant therapeutic needs   

- Have significant behaviours of concern      

What does our Care Pathway look like?   

Our Care Pathway aims to enhance service users’ quality of life using interdisciplinary interventions to facilitate optimal functioning. We aim to optimise the person's mental and physical health through assessment and intervention with our Medical Officer, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy services.   Neuropsychological interventions aim to optimise residual cognitive and psychological strengths and to reduce behavioural disturbances using a neurobehavioural approach. This is achieved by using an Inter-Disciplinary Team framework.

Our Multi -Disciplinary Team (MDT) is based on-site at Bloomfield Hospital and consists of:   

- Consultant Psychiatrists

- General Practitioners (Medical Officers)

- Senior Neuropsychologist

- Nursing & Healthcare Assistant Team

- Senior Occupational Therapists

- Senior Physiotherapist

- Senior Social worker

- Dietitian 

- Pharmacist   

Assessments by Neurology and Speech and Language Service will be facilitated.   

Upon admission, Bloomfield’s care pathway begins with an initial assessment period of 16 weeks where we will get to know the person, their life history and their strengths.  Through comprehensive MDT assessments and interventions, we aim to support strengths and compensate for difficulties. We formulate a comprehensive person centred report summarising treatment recommendations.    The person-centered care pathway includes an agreed discharge plan which takes into account the views of the patient, family and other caregivers.   We can provide palliative care for those in need who wish to remain at Bloomfield. Where possible end-of-life wishes are ascertained and respected.

At Bloomfield, our aim is to optimise the quality of life of individuals diagnosed with HD, through in-depth interdisciplinary assessment and intervention at all stages of diagnosis.   We provide a holistic, interdisciplinary service designed for the highly specialised needs of individuals diagnosed with HD.   We actively provide assessment and long-term intervention to individuals presenting with needs across the spectrum of cognitive, psychiatric, behavioural and motor difficulties in order to optimise the functioning of our patients.   

Our individualised care pathways are developed in accordance with the specific needs and strengths of the individual, as identified by our IDT assessments.   At Bloomfield, we understand the many different individual and family-based perspectives of HD. We provide individuals and family members with education and therapeutic supports to facilitate their journey together.

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How to get help

Phone our Information Line at Bloomfield Hospital for information on 1890 123 124. Referrals are made by your Family Doctor /GP or Consultant.

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