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Welcome to the Neurocognitive Clinic at Bloomfield Hospital

The Neurocognitive Clinic at Blomfield Hospital is a specialist service designed to provide assessment, diagnosis, support and follow up for Adults (aged 18 – 65) experiencing potential cognitive symptoms arising from neurological and physical disorders. Cognitive symptoms of neurological or physical disorders can include as memory lapses, confusion and difficulties with other thinking skills, as well as changes in behaviour and personality. There are, however, a number of factors that can lead to such symptoms and it is, therefore, important that these difficulties are assessed in a timely manner to rule out such factors, which may be treatable, and to receive any help necessary.   

Each assessment is conducted on-site in Bloomfield Hospital, led by a Consultant Psychiatrist. The Neurocognitive Clinic team at Bloomfield includes a Neuropsychologist, along with a Clinical Nurse Manager, Occupational Therapist and Social Worker; who can provide assessment as clinically required.    

At the end of the assessment period, feedback and support is also provided to the individual and their chosen family members/ caregivers.   

The Team at the Bloomfield Neurocognitive Clinic will be able to assist you, if you, or someone you know has potential symptoms or a history of: 

Traumatic Brain Injury 

-  Road Traffic Accident

 -  Falls   


Young-onset Dementia   

Neurosurgical intervention (pre and post operative assessment available)

- Epilepsy surgery 

- Oncological neurosurgery 

- Arteriovenous Malformation resection

- Stereotactic Radiosurgery   

Neurological disease

Multiple Sclerosis 

-  Parkinson’s Disease 

-  Epilepsy 

-  Brain Tumor 

-  Concussion   

Physical diseases which can cause cognitive symptoms   

Unusual/ unexplained neurological presentations e.g. query pseudoseizures; query functional neurological symptom disorder.   

Substance/ medication induced neurocognitive disorder   

Each Neurocognitive Clinic Assessment is tailored to the individual, dependent upon a number of factors, including their symptoms, current level of functioning and their specific needs e.g. pre and post neurosurgical assessment.   

Visits to the Bloomfield Neurocognitive Clinic will include: 

- Full Assessment including, Neuropsychological Assessment (Assessment of thinking skills) and Psychiatric assessment.

- Diagnosis.

- Information, education and support for the individual and family.

- Formal feedback report to your referrer, GP or Medical Consultant

Download a Neurocognitive Information Brochure



Phone the Memory Clinic at Bloomfield Hospital today for information on 1890 123 124. Referrals to the clinic are made by the Family Doctor /GP or Consultant.



Request a Referral from your Family Doctor (G.P.) or Consultant. Once we receive that we will be in contact with you to arrange an appointment.



Download a Neurocognitive Referrer resource pack