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On the 29th of April 1807 the representatives of the Yearly Meeting of Friends in Ireland met to consider "the expediency of providing accommodation for Friends who may be afflicted with disorders of the mind". In 1810 Bloomfield in Donnybrook Dublin 4 was purchased. It  was then renovated and extended and on the 16th of March 1812 the first patient was admitted.

Bloomfield moved from Donnybrook Dublin 4 to it current location in Rathfarnham Dublin 16 in 2005. This facilitated the continued provision of clinical treatment and care but in a new state of the art facility.

Bloomfield has changed a lot since 1812 but its original mission of providing treatment and care with a person centered focus and based on the Quaker principles of Care, Dignity, Compassion and Social Justice have remained the same.

If you are interested in finding out more about Bloomfield's first 200 years the above book is an interesting read and can be purchased from Reception in Bloomfield for E30.00.